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Joel Shepherd is the author of Seven Science Fiction & Fantasy novels, including the ‘Cassandra Kresnov Series’, and the ‘A Trial of Blood and Steel’ quartet. He is currently completing a PhD in International Relations, for which he’s living for a year in India. He also has a short screenplay in development, has had an ‘interested’ Hollywood feature producer, and other entertaining distractions.

Coming Soon | A Brand New Trilogy

Cassandra ‘Sandy’ Kresnov, the galaxy’s most lethal synthetic soldier, is back. Five years have passed since the events of the Crossover-Breakaway-Killswitch trilogy. Sandy is commander of the Federal Security Agency’s special operations force, responsible for battling the threats to Federation that no one else can. And now a new threat emerges, bourne of a dark secret that the League, Sandy’s creators, have been keeping for more than a century. A secret that reveals not only the truth of Sandy’s synthetic origins, but threatens the very future of humanity…

As an SF/Fantasy author and a poli-sci guy, I'm pleased that there's at least one total geek in the Washington press corp @JonahNRO

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