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Joel Shepherd is the author of Nine Science Fiction & Fantasy novels, including the ‘Cassandra Kresnov Series’, and the ‘A Trial of Blood and Steel’ quartet. He is currently living in Adelaide, South Australia

Out Now • Book 3

All New Cassandra ‘Sandy’ Kresnov Trilogy

download (2)Hope for the future in the hands of an enemy from the past . . .
Cassandra Kresnov must find the answers that could free her people—or doom her family.
A quarter of a million people die in the destruction of the moon Cresta. The League civil war is accelerating out of control, but projections indicate that as their technologically induced sociological dysfunction continues, all of humanity may face a similar fate.

Other music will come and go, but Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2 stands alone. Besides his Symphony No.2, of course.

Joel Shepherd Joel Shepherd

Tyrion Lannister will make it to the end of #GoT, dance a happy dance at having made it... before a dragon falls on his head.

Joel Shepherd Joel Shepherd