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Joel CyclingFrom the 9th to the 27th of August, I’m going to be indulging a passion of mine — cycling! I’m riding from Bangor, Maine, to Washington, DC, a journey of about 800 miles, while raising money for the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). I’ll be live-tweeting the trip, so please follow my adventure on Twitter or Facebook. And if you’d like to donate directly to CRI, click the big button on the right! To see the route I’ll be riding, check out the East Coast Greenway Project’s many maps.

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My best friendship in literature is still Jessie and Leslie in A Bridge to Terabithia. Still haven't forgiven K. Patterson for the ending.

Joel Shepherd Joel Shepherd

Why do people find clowns creepy? Maybe theres just nothing more creepy than inappropriately timed laughter, and clowns are always laughing.

Joel Shepherd Joel Shepherd

News should advance the understanding of facts. Anti-Trump hate pieces disguised as journalism only makes his supporters look right.

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