Pratim Ranjan Bose; Has India’s Economic Moment Finally Arrived? – Joel Shepherd Author

Episode #3

- Posted on 2nd December 2022

Episode #3: Pratim Ranjan Bose; Has India’s Economic Moment Finally Arrived?

Pratim Ranjan Bose is an Indian business journalist, op-ed writer and researcher who is based in India’s North East. His work has appeared in the Hindu Business Line, MSN India, Swarajya, The South Asia Journal and others, while he’s also made appearances on MSN India and CNN News 18.

I met Pratim nine years ago when I was doing a PhD in Indian foreign policy (never completed, you don’t have to call me Doctor). I found him to be a font of information about all things Indian, particularly those politically or business-related. In this episode we talk about India’s suddenly explosive economic prospects, and why after so many false dawns, it really seems like this present moment might be the Indian economy’s time to shine.

It’s also very interesting that there are so many in the International media talking down the BJP as a fascistic or otherwise very unpleasant development in Indian democracy. Is there any truth to their claims?

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